Our Butterflies

The butterflies used in our jewellery are sourced from an organisation that manages conservation projects all over the world. The program currently supports farming projects in 21 different countries.

Agricultural development has caused the natural habitat of a lot of butterfly species to become threatened, and their populations started dwindling. Sustainable farming programs were therefore started to enable farmers from third world countries to keep the rain forests on their land intact, while still providing a livelihood that paid better than mono-cultural crops. The breeding program enables thousands of butterflies to be bred. A portion of the butterflies are caught and sold, and the money generated from the sales ensures that the tropical forests, which are vital to their survival, are preserved.

By purchasing our jewellery, you are not only doing your bit for the environment and the butterfly species that depend on it, you are also providing employment for the families in third world countries who breed and raise these delicate creatures.

Butterflies and caterpillars are very selective about what they can eat. Each species have their own specific host plants and without those host plants they won’t lay their eggs.

The only way to protect butterfly populations is by protecting their natural habitat. Papillon Belle directly supports conservation programs that aim to increase butterfly populations by purchasing butterflies from the farmers who protect the natural habitat of threatened butterfly species.

Click here to find out more about Butterfly Farming.

Papillon Belle proudly supports the Antennae Foundation.


Our Jewellery

Papillon Belle is a unique range of heirloom quality jewellery made from sustainably sourced butterfly wings set in sterling silver.

The Antennae Foundation

Papillon Belle proudly supports The Antennae Foundation who are committed to the preservation and conservation of insect diversity globally.

Butterfly Farming

Extensive research has been done on the many benefits of sustainably farming insects. We have compiled a number of articles on the subject that you can download from our website.