Our Team

All our jewellery is lovingly made in Cape Town, South Africa by skilled craftsmen and women using the finest materials.

From the hand cut glass and sterling silver settings to the engraving and bespoke packaging, Papillon Belle is a proudly South African product. We believe in creating job opportunities in our local communities.

Papillon Belle is the brainchild of South African based graphic designer & illustrator Audrey Botha.

“Butterflies have always been a source of inspiration to me. When I inherited two antique brooches made with real butterfly wings from my grandmother, it sparked the idea for my new range of jewellery. The brooches date back to the Victorian era and I became very interested in how you can take something as transient as a butterfly, and immortalise it in a piece of jewellery that can be passed down three generations. I wanted to create a range of timeless pieces that could become family heirlooms at a time when disposable consumables seem to dominate our world. It was important to me that the butterflies were ethically and sustainably sourced, so when I came across the Antennae Foundation and learned about the wonderful conservation work they do, it gave me the final incentive to take the leap and start Papillon Belle.”

Fatima Al Shamsi is the owner of Fantaka Gifts and is our exclusive distributor in the United Arab Emirates.

“I’ve always loved butterflies, their beauty and grace and how they are simultaneously delicate and strong. Once, I did a personality test and was told I am free-spirited like a butterfly, so I have always felt an affinity to the symbolism of butterflies. When I discovered Papillon Belle, I realized that it was a way for me to become part of the conservation of butterflies and am extremely proud to bring their beautiful and unique products to the UAE.”

Jolene Ellat represents Papillon Belle as our international partner in Australia and New Zealand.

“I met Audrey and her butterflies in 2012 on a trip to South Africa and immediately fell in love with her beautiful pendants and the way in which she elegantly captured their beauty. I was also inspired by the conservation programs she supported and wanted to get involved. I am proud to be part of such an original endeavour and love the fact that we are able to support the conservation of butterfly populations through the design of beautiful and timeless jewellery.”


Our Jewellery

Papillon Belle is a unique range of heirloom quality jewellery made from sustainably sourced butterfly wings set in sterling silver.

The Antennae Foundation

Papillon Belle proudly supports The Antennae Foundation who are committed to the preservation and conservation of insect diversity globally.

Butterfly Farming

Extensive research has been done on the many benefits of sustainably farming insects. We have compiled a number of articles on the subject that you can download from our website.