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The Antennae Foundation

Papillon Belle proudly supports The Antennae Foundation

 The Antennae Foundation Logo

Committed to the preservation and conservation of insect diversity globally.

The Antennae Foundation supports local farmers and breeders worldwide through sponsorship and education. Families are given the opportunity to make a living by collecting, farming and breeding insect specimens instead of destroying valuable rainforest to develop farm land.  

The Antennae Foundation have been directly involved in establishing farms in India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia and Canada, but their latest energies are directed to Indonesia. 

Indonesia is a hot bed of insect diversity that comes with some of the most pristine and vast rain forests in the world, but Indonesia’s timber is much sought after globally and hence there is tremendous deforestation taking place.

Deforestation is the single most destructive force against biodiversity, making the farming projects imperative to the survival of the butterfly species from this country. Click here for more information on the Indonesia Project.

Papillon Belle purchase their butterflies from an affiliate of The Antennae Foundation, so by purchasing a pendant you are directly supporting their efforts.

Butterflies in Indonesia

For more information on the foundation or to make a donation, please visit